September 11, 2001



We, the proud citizens of the United States of America, will never forget the attack on freedom by the fanatical Al-Quida Muslim extremists and the useless killing of 3,031 innocent Americans

Dec 7th, A Day That Will Live in Infamy

Did you know the Enterprise had planes in the air during the Pearl Harbor attack? click here.

More Pearl Harbor pictures and President Franklin Delano Roosevelt speaking to Congress here

Video of Japanese surrender aboard USS Missouri

Pearl Harbor, 69 years ago today

 Click for a larger picture

Picture found at Yokosuka Japan Navy Base Nov 8, 1945. Photo taken by squadron leader Lt. Commander Fuchida who lead the first wave of the attack.  


We Support our Men and Women

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Honor Flight Network is a Non-Profit Organization Created Solely to Honor America's Veterans for all Their Sacrifices

Essex Member Leonard Schlamp Had the Honor of Participating in an Honor Flight, read his letter
Neil Armstrong
1930 - 2012

Neil Armstrong served aboard the USS Essex in 1950

Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the Moon

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John A. Yeager, an Essex Association Life Member, wrote this diary documenting his experiences aboard the USS Essex during WWll

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Norb Rau served on the USS Essex during World War II.  He was one of the originals who started the actual USS Essex Reunions

       Loyce Edward Deen USNR WW II (1921 - 1944)



Many Thanks to Gregg for letting us Link to this Tribute Page

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